The Hosts

The Ballin Podcast is a collection of all encompassing, yet intimate, interviews covering everything from topics of entertainment to the Hip-Hop culture. Hosts Go Mack With The Sack, one-fourth of veteran Pomona, California collective, Above the Law [RIP KMG] & LayLaw, who gained fame alongside “Gangsta Rap” originators N.W.A., and , are both architects responsible for contributing to the construction of West Coast rap music having first begun back in the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s.

Coining now well known descriptive terms such as "G-Funk," "Ballin" and "Ranchin," as well as lending their respective hand(s) to the infamous Southern Cali hybrid sound, these two musical brothers have an unmatched family oriented kinship sharing legendary memories, anecdotes and personal stories surrounding relationships that they’ve continuously built and managed to maintain throughout an over three-plus decade tenure in the grueling business of entertainment.

Each and every episodic adventure of The Ballin' Podcast serves to reconstruct history from the actual major players who have fully participated since its entire creation and inception, in order to reveal exclusive content that only this pioneering duo and their elite special guests could even begin to validate... #Ranchin